The Otologic Examination/Hearing Evaluation

Before discussing or recommending hearing instruments, it is important for us that you receive a complete otologic evaluation from one of our ENT physicians, as well as an up-to-date hearing evaluation. The results of your hearing evaluation are essential for determining the most appropriate hearing instrument(s) for you.


The Hearing Aid Evaluation

Once it has been determined that you may be a candidate for hearing instruments, you will meet with one of our audiologists for a hearing aid evaluation. At this appointment, the audiologist will discuss with you the various hearing instrument styles and technologies that are available. They will work with you to determine what hearing instrument(s) would best suit your needs. In order to recommend the appropriate hearing instrument(s), they will combine the information from your hearing evaluation with the information that you give them about your specific listening needs and lifestyle. They will provide you with their recommendation based on your needs, but the decision is ultimately yours.


The Hearing Aid Fitting

Should you decide to try new hearing instrument(s), you would then return for a fitting of the instrument(s) that you selected. At this appointment, the audiologist will program the hearing instrument(s) based on your needs and preferences. They will also review all the necessary information regarding your hearing instrument(s) to ensure that you are comfortable with the device(s).



Ongoing Service

Once you have been fit with your hearing instruments, our services do not end. You will be encouraged to return as often as needed to ensure that you continue to be satisfied with the hearing instrument(s). If you would like to be seen for any adjustment, repair, problem or question, simply call the office to schedule an appointment and our audiologists will see you as quickly as possible.


Additional Information

Ask us about assistive listening devices such as amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks and television amplifiers. Also, we can provide swim molds, noise protection molds, cell phone molds, musician’s earplugs and other specialty molds.


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